GoldUI: European AAL Project for Adaptive embedded human interfaces designed for older people


The objective of this AAL Project is to improve the independence and participation of older people,for whom technology can present some problems and difficulties particular to the elderly. In order to foster independence and participation, GoldUI adopts an end-user perspective to develop and test technological solutions in the home environment and other related activities of daily living.

GoldUI will allow the elderly to access a wide range of cloud-based services through multiple devices and communication channels: traditional telephone, smartphone or tablet, IP-TV and home radio.

The services offered by GoldUI will cover various user needs in daily life according to the user’s limitations and personal preferences:

  • Local news.
  • Music playback.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Reminder of personal events and appointments.
  • Remote e-shoppping.
  • Social life: keeping in touch with relatives and friends.

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