GoldUI: Progetto Europeo AAL per la creazione di interfacce adattive per persone anziane

Ultime notizie

[Sep 2013] GoldUI was at the AAL Forum 2013 held in Nörrkoping (Sweden)

GoldUI participated in the AAL Forum presenting a poster in the PS1 session about Social interaction:

[24th - 26th September 2013] GoldUI will be at the AAL Forum 2013 (Norrköping, Sweden)

The annual conference of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme, the AAL Forum, will take place in Norrköping, Sweden, between [...]

[17th June 2013] GoldUI was Project Of The Month in the AAL Newsletter for the month of June 2013

GoldUI project of the Month in the AAL Newsletter of the month of June 2013.

[21st March 2013] Third Follow up Meeting (London)

Last 21st March was held in London, hosted by XIM, the last Follow Up meeting of GoldUI. The objective of [...]

[16th-17th October 2012] Second Follow up Meeting and Official AAL Review in Madrid

Last 17th October was held in Madrid, hosted by HI-Iberia, the Official AAL mid-term Review together with the Second Follow up [...]

Liaison with projects: M-Inclusion FP7

As part of the dissemination activities is very important to collaborate and find links with other projects that could wide [...]

[8 Ottobre 2012] GoldUI e’ stato inserito nel catalogo dei progetti AAL 2012.

Il progetto GoldUI e’ stato inserito nel catalogo dei progetti AAL 2012 come uno dei progetti approvati all’interno della call [...]

[15 Ottobre 2012] E’ gia’ disponibile la seconda newsletter di Goldui!

Scarica la seconda newsletter di Goldui.

[26 Settembre 2012] Il progetto GoldUI ha partecipato all’ AAL Forum 2012 (Eindhoven)

La conferenza annuale del Programma AAL, destinato a migliorare la qualita’ della vita degli anziani grazie all’utilizzo di tecnologie dell’informazione [...]

(Español) [24-26 Septiembre] GoldUI estará en el AAL Forum 2012 (Eindhoven, Holanda) soft torrent download android apk online games play

(Español) [19 Junio 2012] Primera Reunión de Seguimiento de GoldUI en Pisa

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(Español) [27-29 de Junio 2012] GoldUI participó en la AAL Summit 2012 que se celebró en Bilbao, España

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(Español) [6-9 de Marzo 2012] GoldUI estuvo en el CEBIT 2012 en Hannover More hints download crack online story books online

(Español) [24 Enero 2012] Ya está disponible la primera Newsletter de GoldUI

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(Español) [13 Diciembre 2011] GoldUI anunciado en el AAL Forum de TSB (Autoridad Británica de AAL)

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(Español) [13 Diciembre 2011] GoldUI difundido mediante las Newsletters Europeas de e-health y e-inclusion

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(Español) [27 Septiembre 2011] GoldUI en el Catálogo de Proyectos de AAL 2011

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(Español) [20 de Septiembre de 2011] Lanzamiento de GoldUI en Madrid

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(Español) [18 de Julio de 2011] Comienza el Proyecto GoldUI

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