GoldUI: European AAL Project for Adaptive embedded human interfaces designed for older people


The GoldUI consortium has been constructed to ensure complementarity in terms of capability, expertise and access to market. It covers all the areas in the value chain of the project through international collaboration between Spain, UK and Italy.


HI iberia Ingeniería y Proyectos SL (Project Coordinator)

HI Iberia Ingenieria y Proyectos SL is a Software Development SME founded in 1999 and integrated into HI-IBERIA engineering group (HI-Iberia Ingeniería y Proyectos SL, Seaplace SL and Howards Ingeniería SL). Nowadays the group accounts more than 200 professionals, from which 130 belong to HI-IBERIA, distributed among its two working centers in Madrid and Valladolid. HIB is compliant to ISO 9001:2008 and recently has achieved also ISO 27001:2007.

Due to its multidisciplinary approximation to ICT world, HI Iberia hoards wide experience in the fields of Project Management, Software Development, Trials, Performance, Automation, Risk Management, Bid Support, Quality, Security, Cost Management, Streaming and Simulation. It has also acquired large experience in Instrumentation and Control Systems, where it has developed SeaDP for controlling and keeping the position of vessels. Other remarkable finished projects inside HI Iberia are the development of the Mobile Streaming Platform for Orange in Spain.

In its SW factory, HI Iberia develops applications for distributed environments (banking, mobile applications, fleet management and Control Systems for telecom operators’ activities) and embedded SW for Telecommunications systems (BS), Sensor networks SW, and Communication systems for ULS TTC Galileo. It has also a partnership with Alcatel-Lucent for the development of TV Headends, Multicast Serves, DRM. HI Iberia is highly involved in the development of mobile applications like our video streaming product (LIFEonLive), HI-Iberia also develops semantic applications and Wireless Network module (development, installation and deployment of the wireless management platform).

The R&D Department, HI research, is centered in the following R&D areas:

  • Mobile communications and embedded systems
  • Simulation environments
  • Security
  • e-Inclusion
  • Business models
  • OS developments

Special interest is paid to the application of the aforementioned research topics to the HEALTH area. In particular, HI Iberia is currently leading GoldUI (AAL3) and WayFiS (AAL3) projects. We’re also involved in different FP7, CIPS and ARTEMIS projects in different fields.

HI Iberia is the coordinator of the GoldUI project. HI-Iberia will bring to GoldUI its expertise in services development, android applications, data mining, user profiling and development of the business plan.


Fundación para la eSalud

FeSalud is a non-profit organization created in 2005 and located in Malaga (Spain). The aims of FeSalud are the generation and exchange of knowledge on experiences and projects implying health & welfare innovation, through the effective use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs).

FeSalud works very closely with associations, private and public institutions, and research organizations carrying out projects in different and complementary areas such as consultancy and support, exchange of experiences, research, e-learning, knowledge management, dissemination, project fund raising, user centric innovation services and promotion of health prevention.

As a user-centric organization FeSalud has got experience in:

  • User involvement methodologies (whole innovation cycle) for e-health and independent living new products and service definition.
  • Support for the design and prototyping of new products, services and processes with users (participatory design, co-design, etc).
  • User needs and requirements.
  • User validation in real-life environments.
  • Product and service improvement using human factors.
  • Pilot management (real-life settings) and social media services for gathering of requirements.
  • Co-creation and validation of new product and services.

FeSalud collaborates with several innovation communities and Living Labs such as:

  • Living Lab Salud Andalucía
  • Health and Independent Living in rural environments (Lebrija in Seville, Alhama in Granada)
  • Ex-pat retired communities in Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol Living Lab)
  • Urban communities (MálagaLab)
  • Innovation communities inspired by the cultural heritage (MIMMALiving Lab)
  • The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI).



XIM Limited

XIM is a UK-based SME with 11 years’ experience in collaborative R&D in the field of new media. It specialises in advanced user interfaces and experiences across multiple devices. XIM’s commercial work focuses on consultancy, web, extranet and kiosk development for clients ranging from Warner Bros, Disney through Lucent-Alcatel, BBC, Chellomedia to extensive work for the UK NHS and social services.

Recent relevant R&D projects have included:

  • FP6 AXMEDIS (automated content production and distribution), where XIM’s role was focused on automated content adaptation for internet radio, mobile and STB
  • FP6 CALLAS (Multimodal Interfaces) where XIM developed a non-contact “MusicKiosk” showcase for young museum visitors that estimates a user’s emotional state via multimodal interface using vision and sound capture, and dynamically creates music based on user’s perceived mood
  • FP5 EDiCT (streamlining interactive TV workflow), XIM developed a range of applications for STBs.



Tiscali Italia SpA

Tiscali Italia S.p.A, founded in January 1998 following the liberalization of the telecommunication market in Italy, has become one of the main alternative Telecommunication Operators in Europe with over 1,000 staff serving more than 570,000 brodband customers. TISC distinguishes itself as an ‘Independent’ telecommunication operator, a characteristic that greatly influenced its success.

The Company has achieved a considerable international position through a number of targeted acquisitions, which led to a rapid expansion in the main European markets and permitted to build up an extensive IP network. Following the implementation of its DSL strategy and subsequent infrastructure’s investments, to build its unbundling network (ULL), TISC – today focused in the Italian market – has reached a strategic position, thanks to its offer of innovative services and its strong brand.

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